#TheTakeBack is an anti-violence / gun deterrent 501 C3 organization geared toward the youth of the South Side Chicago. Our annual back to school festival provides school supplies and a meal for more than 350 youth. Since 2014, we have provided more than 1,700 youth with resources to fuel active play, begin the school year with a bang  and enjoy a day of peaceful fun in an encouraging environment. 

With partnerships, donations and support from Viacom, BET Networks, The Community Builders, The Ellis Park Advisory Council, Bai Brand Beverages, Gift of  Hope, Big Brothers, Big Sister of Metro Chicago,Power 92.3, 107.5 WGCI, FOX 32 News, WGN Radio, The University of Chicago, The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA), Chicago Urban League, What's the Word TV, Chicago Youth Opportunities Initiative and other local organizations, #TheTakeBack showcased an array of positive encouragement, safe activities and endless fun for the community affectionately known as "The Low End" in Chicago. 


By providing a safe and encouraging environment for youth to participate in active play, obtain resources and cultivate relationships, we hope to foster a mindset of peace & happiness that will prevent violent activity. 




We want to continue growing our service to the community in as many ways as we can. 2018 will focus on expanding our efforts to influence more youth positively. In addition to organizing another peaceful day for the youth of Chicago, #TheTakeBack will provide school supplies for each attendee, award larger scholarships to more children, increase awareness across all platforms & acquire more sponsorship through various networks.


– Growth

We will focus on expanding our efforts to influence more youth positively. This means larger scholarship awards given to more children, and more ways to connect.

– Awareness

As we continue to grow, we hope increase awareness across more platforms than ever before, and acquire more sponsorship through various networks.

– #theGiveback

With all remaining funds, we plan to give school supplies to each child in attendance. Backpacks, notebooks, folders, crayons, markers, and highlighters.


It takes a village...and it takes you too!


The Ugly Truth


The USA's third largest city. Home of the deep dish pizza, the Willis (we still call it the Sears) Tower & the 44th President of the United States.  It was here that the number 23 took the basketball world by storm and created the most popular sneakers ever to be produced. Perhaps one of the only cities with only two seasons. The lakefront provides a cooling breeze in the summer and a bone-aching windchill in the winter.

No matter how much beauty and love you find in this city, here is another fact that has held true for more than a decade...

Chicago is one of the leading cities in the country in gun violence, and more specifically, fatal shootings.


Year to Date
Shot & Killed: 209
Shot & Wounded: 1007
Total Shot: 1216
Total Homicides: 222


Chicago's Monthly Homicide Trend - 2017

Data sourced from Chicago Tribune
Data sourced from heyjackass.com

Data sourced from heyjackass.com


#TheTakeBack Needs You!

In order to continue our efforts and bring positive change, we need help from you! Here are some supplies we will need to make this year's event great!

Food to Feed 500+
DJ & Equipment
Marketing/Advertising Collateral
Customized T-Shirts
Customized Banner
Bouncy Houses
Activities Supplies
"Thank you" items


Ready to help?